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Featherville Sheep and Goat Allotment #8867

This project will evaluate current livestock management on the Featherville Sheep and Goat (S&G) Allotment and proposes to authorize continued livestock grazing on approximately 142,800 acres of National Forest System land.

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Other (30-day Comment)

 Robbins, Danielle Idaho Department of Environmental Quality07/17/2013194093[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)
 Boyd, Stanley Idaho Wool Growers Associations07/11/2013198158[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)
 Cook, Jeff Idaho Department Of Parks And Recreation07/11/2013153290[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)
 Bruner, Travis Western Watersheds Project07/11/2013357909[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)
 Biar, John Idaho Department of Agriculture07/10/2013712764[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)
 Faulkner, John Faulkner Land & Livestock Company07/10/2013158319[id:330]Other (30-day Comment) (Total Letters: 6)

Informal (Scoping )

 Marvel, John Western Watersheds Project01/08/2013310971[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
 Marvel, John Western Watersheds Project08/14/2012282184[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
 Hansen, H. Jerome Idaho Department of Fish and Game04/18/20125484736[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
 Joost, Laurence Curlew Enterprises04/16/2012568291[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
 Davison, W.G. L.G. Davison & Sons, Inc.04/16/2012388047[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
 Clark, Linda Idaho Department of Environmental Q04/02/20122959340[id:76]Informal (Scoping ) (Total Letters: 6)
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