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White River Forest Health and Fuels Management Project #55257

White River National Forest proposes to perform density reduction treatments in over-crowded regenerating stands of trees. Treatments would reduce the number of trees per acre to improve overall stand health.

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 Pitts, Molly Intermountain Forest Association01/31/2019162352[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Hart, Peter Wilderness Workshop01/31/201958960[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Hallman, Howard Forest Health Task Force01/31/20192176469[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Brewster, David  01/31/201912[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Howell, Eric Colorado Springs Utilities01/31/2019683802[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Brown, Howard  01/28/20197960[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Rudow, Chad Roaring Fork Conservancy01/25/2019237810[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Orndorff, Michael Montrose Forest Products01/11/2019299209[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Clifton, Greg Town of Vail01/03/2019616971[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Pace, Laurel  12/29/2018224[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Lockhart, Victoria  12/21/2018517[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Brown, Marilyn  12/19/2018504[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Alvis, Dan  12/18/201849[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
 Blackman, Stephen  12/18/2018349[id:2792]Scoping () (Total Letters: 14)
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