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Mt. Hood Wild and Scenic Rivers Planning #54674

The purpose of this comprehensive river management plan is to establish management direction to protect and enhance the river values for nine rivers designated in 2009. The plan establishes river corridor boundaries, user capacities and monitoring.

The Mt. Hood National Forest and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Northwest Oregon District soliciting comments on the draft comprehensive river management plan and environmental assessment for nine rivers as part of this project. BLM is a cooperating agency on this project. Four of the rivers are either on, adjacent to, or in close proximity to lands that BLM manages. The South Fork Clackamas River corridor is the only river corridor that includes both National Forest System and BLM-administered lands. BLM lands are located adjacent or in close proximity to Fifteenmile Creek, Eagle Creek and Fish Creek.

To determine how to manage these wild and scenic river corridors, both a comprehensive river management plan and an environmental assessment are needed. The comprehensive river management plan is required by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, while the environmental assessment is required by the National Environmental Policy Act. The environmental assessment contains the purpose and need for the plan, proposed action, and environmental analysis. The draft comprehensive river management plan contains the river boundaries; river values; management direction, including desired conditions, standards, and guidelines; and monitoring plan.

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Notice of Availability (Comment Period)

 O'Keefe, Thomas  03/22/2021157302[id:3797]Notice of Availability (Comment Period) (Total Letters: 5)
 Heiken, Doug Oregon Wild03/22/2021459492[id:3797]Notice of Availability (Comment Period) (Total Letters: 5)
 Sjogren, Karen  03/22/20215831220[id:3797]Notice of Availability (Comment Period) (Total Letters: 5)
 Geissler, Andy AFRC03/16/2021113428[id:3797]Notice of Availability (Comment Period) (Total Letters: 5)
 Johnson, Gregory  02/20/20212031[id:3797]Notice of Availability (Comment Period) (Total Letters: 5)

Scoping ()

 Fernandez, Erik Oregon Wild08/27/2019158959[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Lingelbach, Phil  08/26/20193858544[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Gregory, Sara Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife08/26/2019201998[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Goodwin, Katie Access Fund08/26/2019165042[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Sargetakis, Mike Friends of Mount Hood08/20/2019906360[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Johnson, Greg  08/15/201992024[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Wells, Kathleen NOAA Fisheries08/14/201945504[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)
 Hillis, Hewitt  08/05/2019153425[id:3005]Scoping () (Total Letters: 8)

Other (River Value Comments)

 Mehta, Smita Oregon Department of Environmental Quality11/07/2018241901[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Garner, Kim U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service11/05/2018568660[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Rae, Courtney Bark11/02/2018259722[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 MEHTA, Smita Oregon Department of Environmental Quality11/02/2018239772[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Fernandez, Erik Oregon Wild11/02/2018180392[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Adams, Barb Oregon Equestrian Trails11/02/2018412989[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Heiken, Doug Oregon Wild11/01/2018509102[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Macy, Priscilla American Whitewater10/31/2018436[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Cockran, Dave Mt. Hood Forest Study Group10/31/2018642718[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Horning, Tom  10/30/2018201797[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Ragan, Richard  10/20/2018125423[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
 Collier, Zachary Northwest Rafting Company & ECHO River Trips10/13/2018183299[id:2899]Other (River Value Comments) (Total Letters: 14)
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