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FNF Plan Revision & NCDE GBCS Amendment to the Lolo, Helena, Lewis & Clark,and Kootenai NFs #46286

The Flathead NF is revising their forest plan and preparing an amendment providing relevant direction from the NCDE Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy into the forest plans for the Lolo, Helena, Kootenai, and Lewis & Clark National Forests.

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Objection ()

 Combined Response, Flathead Forest Plan, Anon  08/15/20180[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Combined Response, Flathead Forest Plan, SCC, Anon  08/11/20180[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Abelin, Doug Capital Trail Vehicle Association02/12/2018154335[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Melson, Eric International Mountain Bicycling Assocation02/12/20184419896[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Powers, Debo North Fork Preservation Association02/12/2018198691[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Larson, John  02/12/20181006313[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Robinson, Amy Montana Wilderness Association02/12/20189059090[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Dieterich, Michele  02/12/201886225[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Fox, Marla Wildearth Guardians02/12/20183781542[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Linsky, Norma  02/12/2018629833[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Foster, Susan  02/12/201827540[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Reeves, Jordan The Wilderness Society02/12/2018188694[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Nelson, Peter Defenders Of Wildlife02/12/2018507047[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 O'Neil, Jerry  02/12/2018445406[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Garrity, Mike Alliance For The Wild Rockies02/12/20181455582[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)
 Narcisco, Claudia Montana Chapter of the Sierra Club02/12/2018137606[id:2310]Objection () (Total Letters: 70)

Other (Interested Persons)

 McKenzie, Paul F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber co.03/26/2018144253[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Hammer, Keith Swan View Coalition03/05/20186757025[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Montgomery, Arlene Friends Of The Wild Swan03/05/2018133395[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Becher, Kali Missoula County03/05/2018234388[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Olsen, Lance  03/05/201833764[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Reeves, Jordan The Wilderness Society03/05/2018148458[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Tubbs, John Montana Dep of Natural Resources and Conservation03/01/2018681316[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Eisen, Hilary Winter Wildlands Alliance02/26/2018249115[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
 Robinson, Amy Montana Wilderness Assoc02/12/20189047910[id:2408]Other (Interested Persons) (Total Letters: 12)
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