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Stafford Fire Salvage and Restoration #41941

Fuels reduction, hazard tree removal, timber salvage and reforestation in the Stafford Fire burned area.

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Notice of Availability (30-day)

  Mangels, Francis  06/28/201391912[id:340]Notice of Availability (30-day) (Total Letters: 1)

Scoping (15-day)

 Svilich, Richard J. American Forest Resouce Council05/14/201369110[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Baker, Kimberly epic-Environmental Protection Information Center05/10/2013963382[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Boggs, Denise Conservation Congress05/09/20133168479[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Fenley, John Trinity County05/08/2013282560[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Jaegel, Roger  05/08/2013366095[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Goulette, Nick Watershed Research & Training Center05/08/2013279823[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Mulvey, Don Hayfork Chamber of Commerce05/08/2013401496[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Acosta, Jose  05/08/2013266751[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Stewart, Diana Hayfork Rotary Club05/08/2013224559[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Davis, Jr., Robert G.  05/08/2013361396[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Hadley, Ryan Sierra Pacific Industries - Anderson05/03/2013898[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Sexton, George Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center05/02/2013437201[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Mangels , Francis  05/02/201328101[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Richards, Diane  05/01/2013454678[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Graves, Steve  05/01/2013290505[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Bashaw, Randy & Rolayne  05/01/2013434309[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Reese, Thomas  05/01/2013291561[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Reese, Carol  05/01/2013291829[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Reese, Donald  05/01/2013292245[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Reese, Jana  05/01/2013292942[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Handy, Edward P  05/01/2013410747[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Graves, Kay  05/01/2013315774[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Chapman, Debra Trinity County Board of Supervisors04/30/20134264062[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
 Ehler, Stan  04/27/2013334449[id:321]Scoping (15-day) (Total Letters: 39)
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