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Changes to Sierra Vista Ranger District Motorized Travel System #36560

The Forest proposes changes to the motorized travel system to meet newly identified Forest administrative and user needs and to protect areas of documented ecological and cultural resource impacts from future damage and/or degradation.

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Formal (Scoping)

 Witwer, Winston  05/28/20123628[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Saway, Steve  05/15/20121811054[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
  Anon, Anon  04/24/2012744[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Anon, David & Jere Fredenburgh  04/19/20121313[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Wick, Warren  03/17/20121134259[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Wick, Warren  03/17/2012801[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Sylvester, John  03/14/2012931[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Saway, Steve  02/28/201226825[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Anon, Ray  02/26/2012576[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Koutz, Fleetwood Arizona Minerals, Inc.02/25/201214632[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Carlson, Allen hunting/forest user02/25/20122749[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 whitmill, george Huachuca Prospectors Assoc02/21/20121746[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 beneze, Nathan hunting02/21/20125296[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Millican, John National Wild Turkey Federation, Huachuca Gould's Chapter02/20/201266048[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Dube, Rene Huachuca Goulld's02/17/20121745[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Simmons, Randy  02/14/20121148[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Barrett, Neil  02/10/2012206[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Sterner, Chris  02/09/2012315[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Sterner, Chris  02/08/2012878[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Edgmon, Robert hunter/disability advocate02/08/20123126[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Reed, Ryan Forest Home Owner02/03/201261371[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Tierney, Tom Huachuca Prospectors Assoc01/31/2012356[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Beneze, Nathan self/hunter01/31/2012717[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 Beneze, Nathan self-prospecting01/31/2012758[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
 white, mark  01/30/20122559[id:52]Formal (Scoping) (Total Letters: 90)
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