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Scriver Creek Integrated Restoration Project #17267

This project is designed to modify stand conditions to improve wildlife habitat and increase resiliency to insects, disease and wildfire; as well as improve watershed conditions and reduce long-term sedimentation caused by existing roads.

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Formal (Supplemental DEIS)

 Robison, John Idaho Conservation League10/22/2012138164[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Warness, Lindsay Boise Cascade, LLC10/22/2012336122[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 O'Brien, Allison Department of the Interior10/22/201286771[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Murphy, Dennis Spatial Interest10/22/201245035[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Jerome, Irene American Forest Resource Council10/22/2012124172[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Reichgott, Christine United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1010/22/2012244283[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Juel, Jeff The Lands Council10/22/2012133212[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)
 Artley, Dick  09/25/2012508432[id:152]Formal (Supplemental DEIS) (Total Letters: 8)

Formal (DEIS Comment Period)

 Juel, Jeff The Lands Council03/05/2012177831[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Robison, John Idaho Conservation League03/05/2012166221[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Robison, John Idaho Conservation League02/21/2012107923[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 O'Brien, Allison United States Depatement of the Interior02/14/2012137459[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Juel, Jeff The Lands Council02/13/2012123267[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Robison, John Idaho Conservation League02/13/201243581[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Jerome, Irene American Forest Resource Council02/13/2012108887[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Warness, Lindsay Boise Cascade, LLC02/13/201294703[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Reichgott, Christine United States Environemtal Protection Agency02/13/2012303479[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Ward, Rick Idaho Department of Fish and Game02/10/2012132467[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Cook, Jeff Idaho Department Of Parks And Recreation02/08/2012129028[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Cook, Jeff Idaho Department Of Parks And Recreation01/27/2012127327[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
 Artley, Dick  01/02/2012404470[id:51]Formal (DEIS Comment Period) (Total Letters: 13)
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Disclaimer: Some letters may not be displayed in this public reading room. The agency may withhold or delay publication of letters that may contain proprietary or sensitive resource information, or be otherwise sensitive, pending human review. Letters received, but not accessible here, will still be considered and included as part of the record for this project. Posting may also be delayed for comments not submitted via the web form (e.g., email, mail or fax).