Providing Notice and Opportunity to Comment on Directives #ORMS-2016

Proposed Directive: Forest Service Handbook 1109.12 Directive System Chapter 30 Providing Notice and Opportunity to Comment on Directives This proposed directive would set forth direction for providing public notice of and opportunity to comment on Forest Service directives. Specifically, this chapter provides direction for determining whether a directive requires public notice and opportunity for comment, procedures for providing public notice and opportunity to comment on directives, strategies for engaging the public in development of Forest Service directives, interagency and intergovernmental communication, including tribal consultation, consideration of public comments, and finalizing directives. After the public comment period closes, the Forest Service will consider timely comments that are within the scope of this proposed directive in the development of the final directive. A notice of the final directive, including a response to timely comments, will be posted on the Forest Service’s webpage. FINAL DIRECTIVE The comment period for this proposed directive closed on March 10, 2020. The Forest Service received 10 comments on the proposed directive. The final directive was designated as a "significant" action by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and, as such, it was reviewed by OMB prior to issuance as a final policy. The list of documents includes the following: -Final Directive -Response to Comments Summary -Template for regulatory certifications that will be needed for "significant" directives. This final directive is the culmination of a long term effort to expand the opportunity for tribal and public engagement in agency policy development. The Forest Service is committed to transparency in its approach to establishing or revising the policies that guide employees in carrying out the agency’s mission. In 2018, the Forest Service updated its regulations to expand the range of directives – the agency’s internal policies and procedures – subject to notice and comment. Over the past year, the Forest Service has made numerous directives available for public comment. The procedures issued today will ensure consistency in how we notify the public and consult tribes in policy development. Inclusiveness in how we establish and maintain our policies helps the Forest Service provide excellent service and resource management and protection.

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