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Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision #50185

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is undergoing Forest Plan Revision. The Forest Plan is a comprehensive overarching document that guides forest management, use, and protection providing broad direction, standards and guidelines for years to come.

Thank you for your interest in Forest Plan Revision.  The 2020 Land Management Plan released July 9, 2020.  The objection period ran July 9 - September 8 (60-day objection period) 

A legal notice will publish September 18, 2020 in the papers of record including:  Billing Gazette, Bozeman Daily Chronicle and Rapid City Journal.  This publication initiates a 10-day interested person filing period.


Interested person filing period runs September 18 - September 28, 2020 and submissions should utilize the online submission form.


All documents are available online for review and download.  Go to Documents

This reading room allows users to view objections.

Objections will be handled by the Reviewing Office, the Northern Region Office.  

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 Browning, Joel  08/27/2020194[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Clark, Kent  08/27/2020985[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Miller, Sophie  08/27/2020977[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Johnson, Ronald  08/27/2020982[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Moraros, Gregory  08/27/2020991[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Yee, C.  08/27/2020281[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 ready, duane  08/27/2020979[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Rummel, Kathleen  08/27/2020982[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Asselmeier, Richard  08/27/202062616[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Razzouk, Vivianne  08/27/2020985[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Lockhart, Michael  08/27/2020983[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Brunty, K  08/27/2020972[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Nunez, Noris  08/27/2020989[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Drake, Marina  08/27/20201142[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Zarafonetis, Lisa  08/27/2020989[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Barski, Barbara  08/27/2020987[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Duncan, Lawrence  08/27/2020990[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Rogers, Mary  08/27/20201095[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Froland, James  08/27/2020981[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Gardner, Kyle  08/27/2020978[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Wingate, Michael  08/27/2020990[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Flament, Evelyne  08/27/2020985[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Dolan, John  08/27/20203518[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Martin, Julie  08/27/2020976[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
 Pusateri, Lorna  08/27/2020986[id:3373]Objection () (Total Letters: 2775)
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