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Nantahala and Pisgah NFs Plan Revision #43545

Revision of the Nantahala and Pisgah NFs Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan)

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Scoping (Scoping period)

 Adams, Kip QDMA04/09/20143873[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Mulcahy, Patrick QDMA04/10/20141578[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 O'Nan, Elizabeth Protect All Children's Environment03/26/2014902[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Strout, Chris Pisgah Area Sorba04/28/20142239[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Stahlschmidt, Paul Northwest NC MTB Alliance04/29/20142365[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Besler, Doug North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission04/17/2014312825[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Buchanan, Misty North Carolina Natural Heritage Program04/29/201481308[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Oslund, Barbara North Carolina Horse Council04/11/20142904[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Oslund, Barbara North Carolina Horse Council04/25/2014433[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Reid, Jeffrey North Carolina Geological Survey - Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources04/25/2014340249[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Apodaca, Tom North Carolina General Assembly04/23/2014219057[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Boyette, Jay North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation04/28/201471237[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Wooten, Rick North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources04/29/20141415170[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Smith, Andy North Carolina Bowhunters Association04/24/2014336976[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Dick, Arthur NCQDMA04/10/2014235[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Gestwicki, Tim NC Wildlife Federation04/28/2014459337[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Jenkins, Marcia NC Sierra Club04/28/20141170[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Davis, Jim NC Senate04/28/2014210[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Whitmire, Chris NC House of Representatives04/26/20142340223[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
  Reid, Jeffrey NC Department of Environment12/16/201359627[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Waggett, Chrissy NC Department of Agriculture04/28/2014164744[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Fowler, Dick NC Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts04/23/2014272811[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)
 Hastings, Cara Natural Resources04/28/2014865[id:408]Scoping (Scoping period) (Total Letters: 277)

Other (Plan Components)

 Jacobs, Ryan NCWRC10/31/2016285731[id:2135]Other (Plan Components) (Total Letters: 121)

Other (Plan Development)

  Rice, April NC Falconers Guild10/28/20141571[id:595]Other (Plan Development) (Total Letters: 11820)
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