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Tillman Trails Connectivity Project #58134

The purpose of the project is to realign a portion of an existing unsustainable trail (Narrowback # 432) to provide connectivity to existing parking, enhance the user experience and create a sustainable trail alignment.

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 Rezvani, David  09/01/202022[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Owens, Roland  09/01/20203571[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Mitch, Thomas  09/01/2020145[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Hess, Kenny  09/01/2020663[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Stravers, Andy  09/02/2020501[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Stott, David  09/02/2020367[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Sallah, Gretchen  09/02/2020741[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Erb, Janelle  09/02/2020470[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Kramer, Valerie  09/02/2020528[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Hypes, Rene' Department of Conservation and Recreation09/02/2020241317[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Wilson, Daniel  09/02/2020636[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Devitt, Sean  09/02/2020100[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Watkins, Josh  09/02/2020252[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Loomis, William  09/02/2020125[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Bishop, Jeremiah  09/02/2020669[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Suttell, Kurt  09/02/2020185[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 HEATWOLE III, WILLIAM M ROCKINGHAM09/02/2020703[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Stutzman, Tim  09/02/2020651[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Shenandoah Mountain Touring, LLC, Chris  09/02/20202505[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Morris, Kate  09/02/20201332[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
 Crawford, Jason  09/02/2020344[id:3533]Scoping () (Total Letters: 198)
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