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Sage Hen Integrated Restoration Project #56701

Improve vegetation conditions to improve resiliency to uncharacteristic disturbances, restore watershed function to improve aquatic resources, improve and manage recreational opportunities/use, and support local/regional economies.

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 Pintar, Matthew  12/24/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
 Watkins, Erica  12/24/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
 Hauber, Barclay  12/27/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
 French, Elaine  12/27/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
 Peterson, Kris  12/27/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
 DeAngelo, Annie  12/28/2020316[id:3717]Objection () (Total Letters: 69)
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