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Central Cascades Wilderness Strategies 2017 #50578

The Deschutes and Willamette National Forests are considering visitor use management strategies for five wilderness areas in the central Cascades in order to reduce resource impacts and negative effects to wilderness character due to high use.

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 Williams, Mark  01/02/201998334[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Kent, Leslie  12/31/20181162[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Wolfer, Brian Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife12/31/20182204339[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Pope, Arthur Wilderness Report12/31/2018258295[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Mioduszewski, Matthew  12/30/20185306[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Putnam, Edward Backcountry Hunters & Anglers12/30/2018511928[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Harman, Landon  12/29/20181383[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 WERTS, SUSIE  12/29/2018250[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Gifford, Aaron  12/29/2018105011[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Carpenter, William  12/29/2018608625[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Beauchemin, Jess  12/29/2018579521[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Hendricks, Dana Pacific Crest Trail Assoc12/28/2018327550[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Thompson, Mark  12/28/2018767[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Thompson, Bunny  12/28/2018767[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Sambataro, Joe Access Fund12/28/2018799753[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Scott, Holly  12/28/201813214[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Littlefield, Bill Oregon Hunters Association12/28/2018207387[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Rayor, Gary  12/28/2018140967[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Nekuda, Janee  12/27/2018858[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Whitacre, Vic  12/27/20182834[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Keen, Woody Trail Wisdom LLC12/27/20181051635[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Boschetto, Eli PCT Oregon12/27/20180[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Nelson, William 1300 MILL ST SE12/26/2018833[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Reynolds, Kathleen  12/26/20181357[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
 Findling, Karl Oregon Hunters Association12/21/2018297527[id:2579]Objection () (Total Letters: 96)
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