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Salmon-Challis Forest Plan Revision #49464

The Salmon-Challis National Forest is revising and updating the 1987 Challis and the 1988 Salmon Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan)

Thank you for your interest in Forest Plan Revision. Forest Plan Revision on the Salmon-Challis began in January 2017. In September 2019, Forest Supervisor Chuck Mark announced the Salmon-Challis National Forest would evaluate the 1988 Salmon Forest Plan and the 1987 Challis Forest Plan separately. We are in the process of reviewing and analyzing direction in these existing plans, and we welcome your thoughts during this time. 

The purpose of this reading room is to make available comments and information received by the Salmon-Challis National Forest on Forest Plan Revision. Allowing the public to read comments sent to the Forest Service gives an opportunity for exposure to a variety of viewpoints, perspectives, and values regarding management of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Information received electronically through our online commenting form will be populated into the reading room automatically. Comments received through other avenues will be added to the reading room in as timely a manner as possible. 

Submitting Feedback

General comments on Forest Plan Revision may be submitted at any time during the Forest Plan Revision process.

To submit feedback, click here to access our online commenting form.

Note: Comments submitted via email or postal mail may not appear in the Reading Room due to Federal Information Security Act (FISMA) restrictions on the posting of personally identifiable information by federal employees.

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Other (Plan Initiation)

 Eaton, Benjamin Crested Butte Soaring Society01/19/2019260[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Martinez, Teresa Continental Divide Trail Coalition02/28/2019268092[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Kropp, Trey Kropp Coastal Condors, United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Chapter 8501/17/201994263[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Goebl, Jim Cloud Street Hang Gliding Club01/17/2019634[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Marshall, Leo City of Salmon01/18/2019747[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Klein, Carole c/o DWA frm broksonic12/29/2018278[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Anon, Withheld Buffalo Mountain Flyers of Talihina, Inc01/19/20191100[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Thompson, Dan BRCC01/30/2019377711[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Stone, Lynne Boulder White Clouds Council01/19/20191001252[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Bader, Eric Boulder Outdoor Center01/19/2019152148[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 McCleary, Angenie Board of Blain County Commissioners02/22/20191388186[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Turcke, Paul BlueRibbon Coalition02/28/2019513165[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Johnson-Jackson, Debbie Blue Shield of California01/18/2019759[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Melton, Dave & Jill Bighorn Outfitters02/22/2019287475[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Grezlak, Steven Arizona Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association01/17/2019307[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 ellsworth, Matthew American Exploration & Mining Association02/28/2019303625[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Jourdain, Christine American Council of Snowmobile Associations02/28/2019203014[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Hebert, John AMERICAN CITIZEN12/16/2018528[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Rusch, Vincent Adirondack Fire Equipment07/28/2018113[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Goodwin, Katie Access Fund02/26/2019351349[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Tritthart, Brant 8322602/27/20192352715[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)
 Cheff, Raymond 3C's Geological Services02/28/201998724[id:2587]Other (Plan Initiation) (Total Letters: 779)

Other (Potential SCC/W&SR)

 Martinez, Teresa Continental Divide Trail Coalition05/07/201896062[id:2385]Other (Potential SCC/W&SR) (Total Letters: 26)

Other (Plan Development)

 Maxwell, Laramie Center for Large Landscape Conservation03/03/20197579276[id:2824]Other (Plan Development) (Total Letters: 28)

Other (W&SR Eligibility)

 Coburn, Kevin American Whitewater07/16/20181676208[id:2491]Other (W&SR Eligibility) (Total Letters: 75)
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Disclaimer: Letters that may contain proprietary or sensitive resource information, or that may be otherwise sensitive, are automatically withheld from displaying in the reading room pending human review. Letters received, but not accessible here, will still be considered and included as part of the record for this project. Most flagged letters are cleared for posting within a few days of being received. Posting may also be delayed for comments not submitted via the web form (e.g., email, mail or fax).