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Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project #48582

The Blue Mountains Forest Resiliency Project will propose thinning and prescribed burning on approximately 610,000 acres on the Ochoco, Umatilla and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests.

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 Brain, Teresa  03/24/20161134[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Bray, Josh  03/12/2016331[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Brock, JB Northern Blue Mountain Cohesive Strategy03/22/20161981798[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Browning, Robert  03/11/20162141[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Burris, Ron  03/14/2016673[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Butler, Judy  02/15/2016977[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Caragiol, Benjamin  04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Carlson, Jim Nighthawk Ranch03/31/20161287077[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Chiasaualk, Elizabeth  04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Clemens, Dan  03/14/2016703[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Coe, Kent  04/05/20167711[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Cole, Susan  04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Colehour, Alese  04/04/2016333[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Connors, Philip  04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Copperfield, Elizabeth  03/22/20164362[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Coulter, Karen Blue Mountain Biodiversity Project04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Coulter, Karen Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project04/04/2016350364[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Crates, Jim and Janet  02/24/2016188664[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Creighton, John  03/16/2016543[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Cremin, Juanette  04/04/2016129965[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Dahlberg, Joan  03/29/20161420[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Darzen, Meriel Sierra Club-Oregon Chapter04/04/2016105979[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Davis, Chad Oregon Department of Forestry04/04/2016133747[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 Davis, Jas  04/02/20168996[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
 DeFazio, Susanna  03/24/2016922[id:1491]Scoping () (Total Letters: 185)
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