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Rulemaking for Colorado Roadless Areas - Supplemental #46470

Rulemaking to reinstate the North Fork Coal Mining Area exception into the Colorado Roadless Rule which will allow temporary road construction for coal exploration and coal-related surface activities within the North Fork Coal Mining Area.

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Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA)

 Forcier-Call, Margaia Jemez Sustainable Solutions (a 501 C) (3)11/20/2015525[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Hickey, Lisa Interwest Energy Alliance01/14/2016245871[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Russell, Ron Inspirational Images01/15/2016149[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Frank, Joe HydroGeo Inc12/28/201563930[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 ketover, james High Noon Solar & Energy Products LLC01/07/20162290[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Swenson, Paula Gunnison County, CO01/12/2016249328[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Goss, Constance Green Sanctuary of First Unitarian Church12/08/201588[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Ryman, Karen Ryman Great Old Broads For Wilderness12/07/2015475[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Heuscher, Penny Pauline Great Old Broads For Wilderness12/08/201564181[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)
 Codur, Dr. Anne-Marie Global Development and Environment Institute01/12/2016200[id:1351]Notice of Availability (CRR SDEIS NOA) (Total Letters: 2012)

Scoping (45day comment period)

 Forcier-Call, Margaia Jemez Sustainable Solutions (501(c)(3)04/07/2015648[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Denman, Alexandra International Fund for Animal Welfare04/07/201585[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Most, Steven Individual Citizen04/07/2015272[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Brewster, Thomas Individual04/08/2015178[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Morrison, Edward Individual04/10/2015295[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Dadd, Susanna Individual04/07/2015415[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Yemm, Stephen Individual04/13/2015367[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Frank, Joe HydroGeo, Inc.05/19/201553133[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Pettit, Dave Human Race04/12/2015187[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Vogel, Kathryn High country conservation advocates04/25/2015290[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Shea, Sandy High country conservation advocates05/20/20151116[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Best, Diana Greenpeace05/22/2015247388[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 McFarland, Tyler Greenpeace04/14/2015547[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Shepherd, Janice Great Old Broads For Wilderness04/07/2015571960[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
 Bremner, Steve Friends of the Peak04/07/2015279[id:686]Scoping (45day comment period) (Total Letters: 309)
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