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Chugach Forest Plan Revision #40816

The Chugach National Forest is revising and updating its 2002 Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan).

This public reading room lists comments and objections for the Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan Revision (2019 Plan). 

Completed comment and objection events:

  • Public scoping for the 2019 Plan’s purpose and need:  April 16, 2015 to June 15, 2015: 

    • The Forest received 108 comments.
  • Public scoping for the Proposed Revised Plan:  December 18, 2015 to February 19, 2016:

    • The Forest received 1,418 comments.
  • Notice of Availability for the draft 2019 Plan and the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS):  August 3, 2018 to November 1, 2018:    

    • The Forest received 4,075 comments. 
  • Objections to the 2019 Plan, Final EIS and draft Record of Decision (ROD):  August 30, 2019 to October 29, 2019:    

    • The Forest received 87 objections. 
  • Objections resolution meetings:  January 14-15, 2020: 

    • Objectors with standing and approved interested persons met with the Regional Forester to resolve concerns with the 2019 Plan. 
    • The objections resolution meetings were also open for public observation. 
  • The Regional Forester’s letter, which includes instructions for resolving objections:

Next steps in the planning process:

  • Make changes to the 2019 Plan and ROD as directed by the Regional Forester.
  • The Forest Supervisor signs the ROD.
  • Publish a notice of availability for a signed ROD:

    •  in the Federal Register
  • Publish a legal notice for the signed ROD:

    • in the newspaper of record, the Anchorage Daily News.
  • 2019 Plan approval:

    • Approval of the 2019 Plan occurs 30 days after publishing a notice of availability in the Federal Register and a legal notice in the Anchorage Daily News.

Thank you for participating in the planning process. 

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 Nuechterlein, Linda  09/19/20196844[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Marshall, Dan  09/18/20191035354[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Jenovino, Jeanine  09/18/20191784181[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Lewis, Kaitlyn  09/17/20197801[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Nuechterlein, Phil  09/17/2019832[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Sheppard, JC  09/16/20197709[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Auld, Steven  09/16/20197729[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Baker, Barbara Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Association09/16/20193603494[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Gardner, Sona  09/15/20198305[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Burns, Lanea  09/15/20197892[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Virgo, Kaitlynn  09/14/2019564[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Loveless, Shelley  09/14/2019983[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Partlow, Elaine  09/13/20197805[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 PEDRONI, JOY  09/13/20197699[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Grey, Chela StillPointe Llama Sanctuary09/13/20197823[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 McCarty, Eran  09/13/20197704[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Mumford, Jerrika  09/13/20197695[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Bogovich, Dr. Kris  09/13/2019938[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 prosser, ellen  09/13/2019562[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)
 Derkevorkian, Richard  09/11/2019584398[id:3097]Objection (Objection) (Total Letters: 88)

Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision)

 Lloyd, AA  11/28/2018902[id:2340]Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision) (Total Letters: 4075)
 Elton, Wally  11/25/20181858[id:2340]Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision) (Total Letters: 4075)
 Cohen, Howard J  11/13/2018156017[id:2340]Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision) (Total Letters: 4075)
 Avissar, Naomi  11/09/2018119874[id:2340]Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision) (Total Letters: 4075)
 Mastri, Frank  11/08/2018141500[id:2340]Notice of Availability (Forest Plan Revision) (Total Letters: 4075)
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