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Alaska Roadless Rulemaking #54511

: Edward B. (Ted) Zukoski
: Center for Biologicall Diversity
: 12/16/2019

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Editorial - Stop the assault on Tongass forest - Seattle Times 2019-08-29.pdf59308
Editorial - Trump to Miners Loggers and Drillers-This Land Is Your Land - New York Times 2019-08-31.pdf4353157
Editorial - Trump Tongass and Seiberling - Akron Beacon Jl 2019-09-02.pdf1234369
LTE - National forests Places of healing - Seattle Times 2019-12-13.pdf54986
LTE - Protecting Our Wilderness From the President - New York Times 2019-09-11.pdf1210431
LTE - Rainforest protection begins here in our region - Seattle Times 2019-12-11.pdf58961
LTE - The Trump administration doesn’t respect wilderness - Wash. Post 2019-11-17.pdf3935523
LTE - Tongass forest-Preserve our lands -Seattle Times 2019-08-30.pdf354797
LTE - Tongass roads would be just another giveaway - Wash. Post 2019-09-29.pdf159465
Op-ed - Alaska is the last frontier therefore we must destroy it! - The Aggie 2019-10.pdf63933
Op-ed - Don’t destroy the Tongass - Anchorage Daily News 2019-12-12.pdf59325
Op-ed - Don't revive logging in national forests -TheHill 2019-05-15.pdf320104
Op-ed - Embrace a future with benefits of healthy Tongass - Juneau Empire 2019-12-10.pdf399864
Op-ed - Exempting the Tongass from the Roadless Rule would be a mistake - Anchorage Daily News 2019-10-12.pdf1543466
Op-ed - Forest Service Wants to Open 9.2 Million Roadless Acres - Outdoor Life 2019-10-17.pdf915699
Op-ed - Full chest freezers need the Roadless Rule - Juneau Empire 2019-12-11.pdf255366
Op-ed - John Podesta-Trump wants to spoil Alaska - Washington Post 2019-09-11.pdf3766270
Op-ed - Keep backcountry roadless area protections throughout the West - Spokesman-Review 2019-12-01.pdf219510
Op-ed - Keep the national Roadless Rule on the Tongass - Juneau Empire 2019-12-10.pdf200577
Op-ed - Murkowski is misleading public on the Tongass - Juneau Empire 2019-10-07.pdf290278
Op-ed - National forest threatened again - Anderson Herald Bulletin 2019-09-24.pdf208321
Op-ed - Northwest must speak for trees salmon in Alaska - Everett Herald 2019-12-08.pdf1344196
Op-ed - Past logging has disproportionateky hurt Tongass old-growth - Juneau Empire 2019-12-15.pdf379285
Op-ed - Plan to lift roadless rule in Alaska's Tongass national forest threatens economy - TheHill 2019-12-03.pdf93627
Op-ed - Protect Alaska’s precious resources - Juneau Empire 2019-04-15.pdf983973
Op-ed - Putting a price on nature - Boston Globe 2019-10-25.pdf60285
Op-ed - Respect Alaska tribes’ rights on the Tongass - Anchorage Daily News 2019-10-20.pdf2100188
Op-ed - Roadless areas are nature’s climate solutions San Francisco Examiner 2019-05-29.pdf110159
Op-ed - Roadless areas of the Tongass are good for wildife & people - Juneau Empire 2019-11-21.pdf311016
Op-ed - Roadless Rule & Tongass should remain intact - Juneau Empire 2019-02-06.pdf1279816
Op-ed - Roadless Rule & Tongass should remain intact - Juneau Empire 2019-02-06.pdf1279816
Op-ed - Speak out by Dec. 17 - Cordova Times 2019-10.pdf77996
Op-ed - The Amazon forest isn't the only one in peril - LA Times 2019-09-08.pdf467287
Op-ed - The cents and sense of maintaining the roadless protections - Wash. Times 2019-12-09.pdf76456
Op-ed - The Roadless Rule is working for Southeast Alaska - Juneau Empire 2019-10-16.pdf273197
Op-ed - Tongass National Forest gem at risk - qconline 2019.pdf327681
Op-ed - Tongass Roadless Rule reversal threatens bears - Juneau Empire 2019-12-01.pdf399566
Op-ed - Trump’s actions threaten Tongass Forest Willamette Collegian 2019-10.pdf183337
Op-ed - Vote for the trees - Juneau Empire 2019-10-4.pdf261344
Op-ed - We need Alaska’s Tongass National Forest now more than ever - Washington Post 2019-08-29.pdf67426
Op-ed - Where the forest has no name - Mongabay 2019-05-24.pdf484786
Op-ed- Save the rare wild beauty of the Tongass - Seattle Times 2019-12-06.pdf616891
Roadless Rule comment - op-eds & LTEs.pdf111180

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