Providing Notice and Opportunity to Comment on Directives #ORMS-2016

Commenting on This Project

Proposed Directive: Forest Service Handbook 1109.12 Directive System Chapter 30 Providing Notice and Opportunity to Comment on Directives This proposed directive would set forth direction for providing public notice of and opportunity to comment on Forest Service directives. Specifically, this chapter provides direction for determining whether a directive requires public notice and opportunity for comment, procedures for providing public notice and opportunity to comment on directives, strategies for engaging the public in development of Forest Service directives, interagency and intergovernmental communication, including tribal consultation, consideration of public comments, and finalizing directives. After the public comment period closes, the Forest Service will consider timely comments that are within the scope of this proposed directive in the development of the final directive. A notice of the final directive, including a response to timely comments, will be posted on the Forest Service’s webpage.

The Forest Service values public participation. Communications from the public, including commenters names and contact information will become a part of the public record for this effort. Comments, including anonymous comments, are accepted at any time. However comments posted after the close of a designated comment period may not be able to be given full consideration.

Your comments are requested by 3/16/2020.


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National Forests have the option to post comments for public viewing on this web site via a public reading room. Active reading rooms allow the public to read or download your letter, including your contact information. If this project has an active reading room, a link labeled “Public Comment Reading Room” will appear on the main project page. The agency may withhold letters containing proprietary information, sensitive cultural or habitat locations, profanity, etc. All letters, including those not posted, will be considered and included as part of the project record.

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