Blackwater Project Development #NP-1423

Commenting on This Project

Public involvement to develop projects to implement the Forest Plan in the Blackwater Watershed

The Forest Service values public participation. Communications from the public including commenters names and contact information will become a part of the public record for this effort. Comments including anonymous comments are accepted at any time. However comments posted after the close of a designated comment period may not be able to be given full consideration. Comments or in some cases other expressions of interest along with respondent’s contact information submitted during the comment period may be necessary to establish a respondent’s eligibility to participate in an administrative review. Interested members of the public should review the provided information to determine if any administrative review process applies and the eligibility requirements for that process.

Update 10-19-2016:  Added several documents to the page.  These are the displays and comment forms from the meeting on October 18 2016.  People are encouraged to review the new documents and provide answers to the questions on the comment forms.  These can be submitted via mail or submitted through this page.

Update 10-27-2016:  Added a table containing the statements recorded in the meeting on October 18 2016 related to what people value in the Blackwater Watershed.  Also added images of the flip chart notes by location.

Update 08-23-2017: Added two documents. One is an invitation letter to several field session this Fall.  The other is a map of the starting locations for these sessions.

Update 10-10-2017:  Added handouts from second field session


Blackwater Clifflne Forest Meeting Display2823045
Blackwater Openlands Meeting Display1644902
Blackwater Riparian Forest Meeting Display3013174
Blackwater Upland Forest Meeting Display3226709
Blackwater Water Meeting Display1859213
Blackwater Cliffline Forests Meeting Questions13704
Blackwater Meeting Closeout Questions12909
Blackwater Openlands Meeting Questions13710
Blackwater Riparian Forest Meeting Questions13697
Blackwater Upland Forests Meeting Questions13644
What people value in the Blackwater Watershed from the meeting on October 18 201615196
Blackwater first meeting filp chat notes (cliffline)1623262
Blackwater first meeting filp chart notes (closeout)1296572
Blackwater first meeting flip chart notes (openlands)1633736
Blackwater first meeting flip chart notes (riparian)1549686
Blackwater first meeting flip chart notes (upland)2830879
Blackwater first meeting flip chart notes (water)2320627
Blackwater Second Meeting Access835471
Blackwater Second Meeting Prescription1887464
Blackwater Second Meeting Values252334
1992 Cooperative Inventory Significant Areas in the Blackwater Watershed4786381
Field Outing Invitation202792
Field Outing Starting Location Map3949071
Field session2 Area 9 species composition as a percentage16167
Field session2 Area 9 species composition in trees per acre16049
Field session 2 Area 10 species composition as percentage16695
Field session 2 Area 10 species composition by trees per acre16500

Option to Submit Comment Electronically

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National Forests have the option to post comments for public viewing on this web site via a public reading room. Active reading rooms allow the public to read or download your letter, including your contact information. If this project has an active reading room, a link labeled “Public Comment Reading Room” will appear on the main project page. The agency may withhold letters containing proprietary information, sensitive cultural or habitat locations, profanity, etc. All letters, including those not posted, will be considered and included as part of the project record.

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