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Chugach Forest Plan Revision #40816

Commenting on This Project


Reviewing Officer: David E. Schmid, Alaska Regional Forester

Responsible Official: Jeff E. Schramm, Forest Supervisor Chugach National Forest

Time Zone of Reviewing Officer: Alaska Time

On August 30, 2019, the Chugach National Forest initiated a 60-day objection period for the Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan Revision. The objection period ended on October 29, 2019. The Forest Service received approximately 46 eligible objections. All eligible objection letters are available at https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public/ReadingRoom?project=40816. Project record documents, including the Final Environmental Impact Statement, draft Record of Decision, 2019 Land Management Plan, Regional Forester species of conservation concern list, and other supporting information are available at the Chugach National Forest webpage https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/chugach/landmanagement/planning/?cid=stelprdb5408185

In accordance with 36 CFR 219.57(a), the publication of a legal notice in the official newspaper of record, the Anchorage Daily News, initiates the 10-day period in which interested parties must file a request to participate (expected November 8, 2019). As defined in Forest Service Handbook (FSH) 1909.12 Chapter 51.65, an Interested Person may include any party not named in the objection and who previously submitted substantive formal comments demonstrating their participation during the planning process.

The requests for interested person status will be considered by the Reviewing Officer. Eligible interested persons will be notified in advance of any objection resolution meetings. In addition, meeting notifications will be posted online at the Forest Service project record site provided above. Individuals or entities granted interested person status will be invited and may participate in resolution discussions with the objectors and the Reviewing Officer regarding the issues raised in the objections in which the interested person has expressed an interest. The time, agenda, and topics to be discussed in the potential resolution meetings will be determined by the Reviewing Officer. In order to ensure objection resolution discussions are transparent, resolution meetings are open to observation by the public.

To become an interested person during this opportunity period, you must:

(1) Submit a written request for recognition as an interested person to the Objection Reviewing Officer, David Schmid, no later than 11:59 p.m. Alaska Time on the 10th day from the publication date of this notice (36 CFR 219.57).

(2) Include the following information (FSH 1909.12 Chapter 50):

a. Cover page and/or subject line indicating "Request for Interested Person Status - Objection regarding the Chugach National Forest Draft ROD and LMP for NFS Land in [Alaska]."

b. Name and affiliation, if any,

c. Mailing address,

d. Phone number,

e. Email address (if available),

f. Name(s) of the objector(s) in whose objection the person has an interest,

g. Brief explanation of the interest in the objection and any specific concerns, including a description of support or opposition to the objection, and

h. Identification of substantive formal comment provided by the requester during the planning process demonstrating the requester’s participation in the planning process.

(3) Requests may be submitted hard copy or electronic as described below:

1. Hard copy via mail to the following address: USDA Forest Service, Attn: Objection Reviewing Officer- David E. Schmid, USDA Forest Service, Attn: Chugach Forest Plan Objections, P.O. Box 21628, Juneau, AK 99802-1628.

2. Hand-delivered requests and requests sent via UPS, FedEx, or other courier should be submitted to David E. Schmid, Reviewing Officer, USDA Forest Service, Alaska Regional Office, Attn: Chugach Forest Plan Objections, 709 W. 9th Street, Room 549, Juneau, AK 99801-1807. The office business hours for those submitting hand-delivered requests are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

3. Electronic requests must be submitted to objections-alaska-regional-office@usda.gov. In electronic requests, the subject line must include "Chugach Forest Plan Revision." An automated response will confirm that your electronic request has been received. Faxed requests must be submitted to (907) 586-7840. Electronic requests must be submitted in a commonly used format such as an email message, plain text (.txt), rich text format (.rtf), or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Objection resolution meetings are open to observation by the public, and the date(s), location(s), and agenda(s) for any meeting(s) will be posted online at the Chugach National Forest webpage: link above.


Submitting Comments

If you wish to submit a comment, please send it to:

Susan Jennings
Chugach National Forest All Units
161 East 1st Avenue, Door 8 , Anchorage, AK, 99501